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Our exclusive concierge service that saves you time, money, and stress during the moving process all while giving you access to the best rates in your area.  Concierge's service for utilities is becoming one hottest and most comprehensive home services solutions in the industry. We give you the power to find household utilities at prices you deserve.  Your personal concierge will work for you to find the providers who service your new home as well as bundles that fit your needs and most importantly your budget.

We specialize in the best brands and the lowest prices in TV, Internet, Phone.
 We have negotiated special offers and great rates with many premier home services provider you the best options.

What can you expect:

As soon as you fill out the My Concierge Survey, we go to work for you! You can expect a personal concierge to contact you within the first 48 hours of submission. They work with you throughout the entire process eliminating the frustration of researching and switching your utilities. Your concierge discusses with you what you're looking for and starts researching the best deals on all home services in your local area. You then are presented with a list your local utilities and providers for you to choose from. Your personal concierge is available to discuss in detail any questions you may have. You make the selections, we make the connections. We contact all the services you’ve chosen and set the appointments. Once all services are setup, you receive customized itinerary with dates and times of all the connections. The best part is its all free!

Ready to get started?

  1. Get started by filling out our online survey below.  getting started here.
  2. Your My Concierge Specialist will contact you within 48 hours after submission.
  3. The concierge finds the best local services, latest technologies, special promotions, and pricing.
  4. You make the selections, and we make the connections for a hassle free moving experience.
  5. You receive your customized itinerary with all scheduled installation dates and times.


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