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DIRECTV for your Bar or Restaurant

Keep your customers looking forward to their next visit!

Make sure everyone has a great experience at your bar or restaurant so they tell their friends to take a trip there. How can you do that at your business? You’ve got to create the perfect atmosphere – the full package. You’ve already got a delicious menu and a set up that people love, but you can make your bar even better with entertainment from DIRECTV for restaurants.

Show your customers that your restaurant is the place to be. Get excellent entertainment for your employees and visitors, and improve your business with DIRECTV.


DIRECTV packages bring added delight to your restaurant or bar

These DIRECTV packages can fill your restaurant or bar with entertainment your customers will love. Check out the DIRECTV for restaurants or bars and choose your tailor-made package today.

Want maximum entertainment at your bar? COMMERCIAL XTRA™ PACK includes of variety of entertainment on more than 180 channels. Get news and sports coverage on favorite channels in this customer-friendly package.

COMMERCIAL ENTERTAINMENT PACK gives you 95+ channels to entertain your guests. During the day, turn to some of the biggest news networks. Later, share sports coverage on ESPN® and other sports networks.

Will you be catering to customers from all over the globe at your international-inspired restaurant? Get COMMERCIAL BASIC™ and add any of DIRECTV’s great international packages for a worldly entertainment experience.

Call now to learn about other packages from DIRECTV for bars and restaurants, get prices in your area and find the right commercial entertainment package for your business needs.


Why is DIRECTV right for my business?

When you choose DIRECTV, whether for your home or restaurant, you’ll get first-class entertainment at a great price. Getting DIRECTV means you’ll have high satisfaction, access to the latest TV technology, more of the programming you love and the best sports coverage in town.

So, why should you pick DIRECTV for your entertainment? Here are just a few reasons why you can be sure DIRECTV is the best choice.

  • Get more HD access. DIRECTV offers more than 195 full-time HD channels, more than any other cable or satellite TV provider.
  • DIRECTV has more sports. If you’re trying to create the most exciting sports experience to pull in more customers at your bar or restaurant, DIRECTV is a perfect choice. Add sports packages such as NBA LEAGUE PASS or the DIRECTV-exclusive NFL SUNDAY TICKET, and see customers rush to your bar to watch the big game.
See why so many people choose DIRECTV for bars and restaurants, and bring top entertainment to your business today. Don’t wait – start improving your business with DIRECTV service now.

Improve your business with DIRECTV entertainment today

Make your customers excited to come back again when you choose DIRECTV for restaurants and businesses. Choosing DIRECTV is an easy way to improve your business and gain repeat customers.

Call to get your quote today and learn more about business TV programming. Have another type of business? Find out more information about getting DIRECTV for lobbies, gyms, hotels and more. Get started today!